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Royal Laundry is open 7 days per week in Chiang Mai City. We offer commercial and residential laundry services and our Wash and Fold Laundry Service is a convenient and affordable method to have your laundry done in a professional way while saving time and not having to deal with the “laundry day.”
We can offer pick up and delivery for your laundry while attending every aspect of the cleaning from sorting by color, wash and dry, fold, iron and return, including pre-treatment of stains at no additional charge.

Royal Laundry


Our Prices

Washing monthly package

n. of Pieces Total Cost n. of Pieces Total Cost
30 Thb 300 60 Thb 600
70 Thb 700 80 Thb 800
100 Thb 900 120 Thb 1000

Long-sleeved shirt, shorts, long Kra Pong, short, long dresses, casual dresses, pillowcases, bolster underwear, socks, andkerchiefs.


Other convenient extras include the option to wash your corporate uniform, carpet, area rugs, sleeping bags, sheets, and oversized items in special large capacity washers.

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We speak English and Thai
Ph: 053 117 990
M: 095 139 5136
Line: 095 1395 136

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